1. Definitions

A. "Affiliates": any organization, company or sole proprietorship of which the Company has an ownership or pecuniary interest in.

B. "Data": any information collected by the Company, including, but not limited to, e-mail addresses, website URLs and login information.

C. "Personal Information": information that is used to identify a person whom such information pertains.

D. "Representatives": any member, manager, partner, director, officer, employee, attorney or advisor of the Company.

E. “Financial Products” shall mean loan, banking and financial services products, including but not limited to personal and commercial loans, term loans, extension of credit, credit cards, deposit rates, treasury management, merchant services, M&A services, wealth management and insurance products.

C. "Personal Information": information that is used to identify a person whom such information pertains.

2. Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy) of MeetBankers, LLC, its Affiliates, agents and Representatives (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), describes how the Company uses Data collected by the Company in connection with this website. This Privacy Policy may be amended, from time to time. If you object to the Privacy Policy, you should immediately discontinue your use of this website and those websites and/or web pages covered by the Privacy Policy. All Personal Information collected and maintained by the Company will be subject to this Privacy Policy.

3. Changes in the Privacy Policy

Only the Privacy Policy currently posted governs the Company's use of the Data, not the privacy policy in effect at the time the Data was collected. The Company may change and/or modify the Privacy Policy at its sole discretion and will provide notice of all changes in the Privacy Policy through indications on this web page and in the header or footer of the web pages associated with the Privacy Policy.

If, after a change in the Privacy Policy, you wish to alter the ways in which the Company is allowed to use your Personal Information, please contact the Company in the manner provided for later in the Privacy Policy.

You will be deemed to have been notified of changes in the Privacy Policy, and be subject to the modifications therein, after such notice has been posted.

4. Offline and Other Activities

The Privacy Policy does not apply to those products and services not directly provided by the Company. This includes any software, application or script provided by a third-party and installed or configured by the Company.

5. Other Agreements

Any conflict between the Privacy Policy and the terms of any other written agreement between you and the Company regarding the Personal Information will be controlled by the terms of the other written agreement.

6. Collecting of Personal Information

Personal Information collected on this website is collected by the Company. The Company is identified as:

MeetBankers, LLC

A New Jersey Limited Liability Company

with an address at:

125 Village Boulevard, Suite 270

Princeton, New Jersey 08540


7. Personal Information

You may access, correct or modify inaccuracies in your Personal Information at any time. You may do this via the website by logging into your account or by contacting the Company at the address provided above. If contacting the Company at the address listed above, please make sure to include the Personal Information required to identify you and any and all requested modifications to the Personal Information.

8. Collection of Personal Information

Visitors of the website may view the various web pages without providing any Personal Information. If you desire to have the Company provide services or goods to you or an organization of which you have representative capacity, the Company may ask you to provide certain information about yourself or your organization by filling out and submitting one or more forms. Providing Personal Information is optional, but the Company reserves the right to refuse service to you if you are unable or unwilling to provide certain requested Personal Information as determined by the Company.

The Company provides services that may require you to accept one or more privacy policies of third-party providers. It is your duty to familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of these third-party providers. If you do not accept the privacy policy of these third-party providers, the Company reserves the right to refuse services to you.

The Company will not collect your social security number, age, telephone number and address, date of birth, sex and ethnicity (collectively referenced herein as “Identifying Personal Information”). However, as you are looking to confirm an offer for a Financial Product, a Financial Services Provider may require your Identifying Personal Information. Please do not provide your Identifying Personal Information to a third-party Financial Services Provider unless you feel comfortable providing such information at your own discretion and risk. Should you decide to provide your Identifying Personal Information to a third-party Financial Services Provider, please provide such Identifying Personal Information through a secured channel.

9. Additional Personal Information

In order to reduce errors in our database, authenticate our users, prevent fraud and prevent abuse of the Company's website and/or the product and services the Company provides, as well as to provide more consistent, relevant experiences to the Company's users, we may on occasion supplement or correct the Personal Information you submit to us and your Internet Protocol (IP) address with information in our other databases or information from third-party sources. As permissible, the Company may also supplement the Personal Information you provide to us with demographic and other information stored in third-party databases in order to make it more likely that communications the Company may send will be of interest to you.

10. Protection of Your Personal Information

The Personal Information that you provide in connection with the use of the website or the products and/or services provided by the Company is protected in numerous ways. Access to your Personal Information collected during the purchasing of a product or service is available through a password and unique user ID selected by you. The password is encrypted. The Company recommends that you do not divulge your password to anyone. In addition, your Personal Information resides on secure servers that only selected personnel and contractors have access to via password. The Company encrypts your Personal Information as it is transferred to the Company and thereby strives to prevent unauthorized parties from viewing such information.

Certain Personal Information not accessible online by you (e.g., IP address) that you provide is accessible only to selected personnel and contractors via password and is not modifiable by you.

11. Use of Personal Information

The Company collects your information in order to record, support and facilitate your use of the website and to prevent fraud and unlawful use. If you purchase or register for products and services, the Personal Information may be used to register your rights, if any, to technical support or other benefits that may be made available to users. Your Personal Information may also be used to track your preferences in order to provide an experience customized to your tastes. The Company does not share Personal Information it receives from residents of California or from residents of any other state or place with such other organizations for marketing purposes unless the Company has received an opt-in from you.

The Company may collect information about the use of the web site and the third-party software packages listed therein, such as the number of downloads, installation services purchased, how many users visit the website daily, web pages visited, and the IP address of your computer. This information is generally collected in aggregate form, without identifying any user individually, although IP address and Session ID in relation to purchases may be tracked as part of the Company's customer order review and fraud prevention efforts. Other exceptions to this, where an individual may be identified individually, are noted in the Privacy Policy or in additional privacy terms connected to specific products and/or services.

The Company may use aggregate, non-identifying statistical data for improving the website and the products and services provided by the Company.

12. Personal Information Shared with Financial Services Providers

By registering for our services or submitting a request for a Financial Product on our Site as a potential borrower, you consent and agree to the disclosure of your Personal Information with lenders, brokers and financial services providers (“Financial Services Providers”) in our database. You should be aware that Financial Services Providers with whom you are matched and with whom your Personal Information is shared, may retain your Personal Information. Your Personal Information may be retained even if you do not enter into an agreement with a Lender for its services or products. Further, if you change or update your Personal Information, the Company may share your updated or modified Personal Information with Financial Services Providers within our database.

13. Your Choices with Respect to Personal Information

The Company recognizes and appreciates the importance of responsible use of information collected on the website and in connection with the products and services provided by the Company. The Company will respect your legal rights regarding access to, and correction and deletion of, your Personal Information. The Company may communicate information to you regarding products, services, and special offers available from the Company unless you have opted not to receive such communications or such communications are prohibited by law, although in such cases we may find it necessary to continue to communicate with you regarding your use of the website and the products and services. In addition, you may receive communications and special offers from selected third-party providers, but only if you previously opted in to receive such communications. Except in the particular circumstances described in the Privacy Policy, the Company will not provide your name to other companies or organizations without your consent. If you have opted to receive email communications from our selected third-party providers and later wish to discontinue receipt of these emails, please contact those third parties directly to update your preferences

14. Disclosures Required by Law and Other Instances

There are other instances in which the Company may divulge your Personal Information, such as when required by law, regulation, or litigation. We may also disclose your Personal Information if we determine that such disclosure should be made for reasons of national security, law enforcement, or other issues of public importance.

15. Tracking

In order to improve the Company's products and services and the website, the Company may use "cookies," "web beacons," and similar devices to track your activities. A cookie is a small amount of data that is transferred to your browser by a web server and can only be read by the server that gave it to you. A cookie functions as your identification and enables the Company to record your passwords, purchases, and preferences. It cannot be executed as code or deliver viruses. A web beacon is a small transparent gif image that is embedded in an HTML page or email used to track when the page or email has been viewed. A similar method may be used by which a product and service may send data to a server or other remote computing device when a set of user-initiated events occur. This method is similar to a cookie in that it may track your visit and the data can only be read by the server that receives the data.

The Company may use cookies and similar devices to track your use of the website and the products and services, and web servers may automatically log the IP/Internet address of your computer. The Company does not generally use this information to identify you personally. Exceptions to this are noted in the Privacy Policy. If you expressly provide consent for the website or the products and/or services to record the unique identifier that you select when you register for various activities on the website or the products and/or services, that unique identifier will be stored on a persistent cookie on your computer and that unique identifier will be linked to your Personal Information. As a result, your navigation path around the website and the products and/or services will be tracked in identifiable form.

16. Complaints

The Company is serious about your privacy concerns. If you believe that the Company has not complied with the Privacy Policy with respect to your Personal Information, you may write or email the Company at the address provided for in Paragraph 6 above.